Jod—Poor Saints (2 vols.)

Kim Hyung-soo
360 pages, ISBN 9788957076033 (Vol. 1)
352 pages, ISBN 9788957076040 (Vol. 2)

Kim Hyung-soo’s Jod—Poor Saints des-cribes a turbulent life of Temujin, a boy who is abandoned in the twelfth-century grassland. The author portrays Ghengis Khan, who was...

A Man Walking His Dog

Jeon Min-sik
EunHaeng NaMu
2012, 269 pages
ISBN 9788956606064

A Man Walking His Dog is a story of people who live with wounded hearts. This novel won the 8th World Literature Award hosted by the Segye Ilbo. The book narrates...


Housewives’ Workrooms:
 Where My Dreams Are Created

Kim Ji-hae
Cheong Publishing
2012, 225 pages
ISBN 9788992119306

The author Kim Ji-hae, who has a background in editorial design and web design, has run an internet shopping mall, selling items for interior design for eight years...

Aesthetics of Convergence: Nam June Paik’s
 Early Works in Germany 1956-1963

Lim Shan
2012, 236 pages
ISBN 9788960532236

Surprisingly, there are not many books that shed light on Nam June Paik’s (1932-2006) artistic world, when we consider his reputation as a pioneer of video art. A handful of existing ...


The Warrior Who Never Dismounts from His Horse

Hur Young-man
Gimm-Young Publishers, Inc.

Genghis Khan is a historical figure who founded the Mongol Empire and conquered Eurasia in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. For a cartoonist, it is natural to want to draw the life ...

Fashion King

Gian 84
Joongang Books

“Chic has exploded.” “First time in human history to abandon sight for beauty?” If we ask Korean youths to pick the most popular phrases nowadays, top three or four of...

Mom’s Face on a Kite

Choi Jae-sook
Illustrator: Kim Hongmo
Borim Press

2012, 44 pages
ISBN 9788943308858

Kite-flying originated from ancient China, and now it is one of the most favored outdoor recreations in the world. Koreans have also enjoyed kite-flying and developed various kites...

General Manhole, Hansae

Kim Wu-kyeong
Illustrator: Oh Seung-min
Moonji Publishing Co., Ltd.
2012, 247 pages
ISBN 9788932022727

General Manhole, Hansae is a children’s novel which tells us that all living beings in this world are precious regardless of their sizes and significance. Through a story about a thirteen-year-old ...